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Guilherme is a visual artist and photographer who develops projects in visual arts, fusing photography, words and artistic books as medium. 


He is currently researching social environmental relations in the surroundings of Cambirela hill, the predominant peak of the coast that surrounds Greater Florianópolis andemblematic figure in the regional collective consciousness, developing the long-term projectfit reya.

He is postgraduate in Photography from Institution F508 and member of Photography and Art Studies Center (NEFA) in Florianópolis. He is the current winner of the Florianópolis 2023 Photographic Marathon in the Digital fixed lens category.

He also has a degree in Business and Project Management, he works in the field of technology focused on art, participating in the organization Obscura ( of which he is a core member, with the mission of promoting visual arts in the blockchain.

Born and resident in Florianópolis, SC, Brazil.

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